Pain Relief

Pain Relief

In the same way that icing a sore ankle helps with pain relief, regular cryotherapy can alleviate and diminish joint and muscle pain. If you regularly visit a massage therapist or chiropractor, cryotherapy may be a compliment or boost to that care to help with your pain and pain management.

Beauty and Anti-Aging

Exposing the skin to cold air does reduce inflammation and stimulates collagen production. When exposed to cold air, your blood vessels will constrict, allowing greater blood circulation, waste elimination and distribution of vitamins and nutrients. When these things happen, cells can focus on boosting collagen and cell repair. Additionally, your body's overall anti-oxidative state is increased through cryotherapy. You're better able to eliminate free radicals, repair cellular damage and neutralize toxins.


When blood vessels constrict when exposed to cold temperatures, blood is able to rush to your core to maintain warmth. Once you step out of the cryotherapy sauna, the body seeks to restore balance and thus sends a rush of blood back to your skin and extremities. This increases circulation in areas like tendons and cartilage that previously had poor circulation.


Cryotherapy's best known benefit is that it helps with muscle soreness and post-workout recovery for athletes and those who regularly exercise. Cryotherapy can both improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Cryotherapy minimizes the inflammation, pain and micro-injuries associated with high and mid-level fitness and sports.

Stress Relief

Cryotherapy boosts endorphins and serotonin, which can help manage stress and fight anxiety and depression. Additionally, the benefit of lowered pain can also help reduce your personal stress. Being high in the stress hormone cortisol is also partially responsible for weight gain.

Weight Loss

Our body stays warm in two different ways. The first is through shivering; when we are cold, we shiver. Our body is creating tiny muscle contractions with the goal of creating kinetic energy which then transfers to heat energy. The second way the body stays warm, is by simply increasing the metabolic demand and picking the stored calories or, in this case, fat cells, especially brown adipose tissue which is meant to keep us warm. This results in a boost in metabolism that, when coupled with diet and exercise, may help you lose weight.

Boost Metabolism

Before and after your cryotherapy session, your body works to increase your internal temperature both through shivering and other internal processes that burn calories. This results in a boost in metabolism that, when coupled with diet and exercise, may help you lose weight.